Upscale and Add New Details to Any Photo Using AI

Take your photos to the next level by simultaneously upscaling and enriching them with incredible new details using AI. Experience the future of hi-res photo enhancement in every pixel. View Examples ⬅️

AI Photo Detailer Pincel
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How to Turn Small Pics into Hi-Res Wonders

Discover the simple power of transforming your everyday photos into high- resolution. With just a few clicks, Pincel AI adds incredible new details and size to your pictures.

Upload Your Photo

Begin by uploading the image you want to transform. Choose any photo from your collection to get started on its journey to clarity and detail.

Adjust Settings

Add a brief prompt to describe the photo. Then adjust resemblance and creativity sliders. This controls the level of new details to be added.

Hit Generate

Simply press generate. Watch as our AI works its magic, turning your photo into a detailed and upscaled masterpiece.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Pincel add new details to photos?

"Pincel uses advanced AI algorithms that "hallucinate" or predict and add new details to your photos during the upscaling process, resulting in clearer and more vibrant images."

What size will the upscaled photos be?

"Pincel can turn any photo into a high-quality image with a maximum shortest side of 2048 pixels."

What if I need a bigger photo than 2K?

"If you need an even larger image, use Pincel's regular photo upscaler to turn your 2K images into 4K, enhancing them further for ultra-high-definition needs (or double upscale same photo to 8K pixels.)"

How many images can I upscale with Pincel?

"With any Pincel PRO plan, you can upscale an unlimited number of images. Check our pricing for more details on different plans."

How long does it take to upscale an image with Pincel?

"The time it takes can vary, but typically it's about 20-30 seconds depending on the original photo and the settings you choose."

Can Pincel work with any type of photo or illustration?

"Yes, Pincel is versatile and works with all kinds of photos or illustrations, whether they are real-life images, AI-generated, or any artistic designs."

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