AI People Generator

Create a unique human face using AI. Then save your character and use it to make consistent photoshoots whenever you need. It's your personal AI model.

Tip: don’t describe the clothes, as these can be changed in every photoshoot later on.
AI People Maker - Pincel

Easy Guide to Making AI Faces

Pincel allows you to generate diverse AI people that fit any project without the hassle of hiring models or purchasing stock images. This not only saves you money but also gives you the freedom to create consistent and tailored visual content.

Describe Your Model

Add the characteristics of the model you need. Adjust the age, gender, race, and any other details in the prompt which are relevant to your needs. Pincel's AI uses these details to craft a realistic human face that matches your specifications.

Generate and Refine

Then let Pincel's AI do the magic. Review the generated face and decide if it meets your expectations. If you need further refinement, you can adjust the prompt and generate again until you're satisfied with the model.

Download or Save

Download or save it directly to your Pincel account for easy access. The true power of Pincel is in the ability to produce consistent AI Photoshoots, allowing you to use the same model across different photos or scenarios. This feature is perfect for storytelling consistency across your marketing materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pincel AI People Generator?

Pincel AI People Generator is a generative AI tool that creates realistic but non existing human faces. You can customize these faces based on age, gender, race, and other characteristics to meet your specific needs.

How do I create a model with Pincel?

Creating a model is simple. Specify your desired characteristics, like age, gender, and race, and Pincel will generate a photorealistic human face. You can regenerate or adjust the settings until you're satisfied with the result.

Can I save and reuse models I create with Pincel?

Yes, once you've created a model, you can download and save it to your Pincel account. This allows you to use the same model consistently across different projects, ensuring brand consistency.

What can I do with the AI models?

AI models are perfect for creating your own diverse stock photos, marketing, social media content, video game character design, virtual reality avatars, and illustrative purposes in stories or educational materials. They offer a customizable and cost-effective solution.

Can I create an AI model of myself with Pincel?

Yes, you can create an AI model of yourself using Pincel. To do this, you'll need to follow the guidelines provided in our blog post on creating personal AI models.

How realistic are the faces generated by Pincel?

Pincel uses advanced AI technology to create highly realistic human faces. Our goal is to provide images that can seamlessly blend into your projects, matching the quality of real human photos.

Can I use the generated images for commercial purposes?

Absolutely. Images created with Pincel can be used for marketing, advertising, storytelling, and more. They come without the need for model releases, making them perfect for commercial use.

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