Instant AI Apparel Photoshoot Maker

Effortlessly create marketing visuals with AI models wearing your clothes or apparels. Cut costs and save time, with no actual photoshoots needed.

AI Apparel Photo Maker Pincel

How it Works

Pincel AI makes transforming your clothing photos into stunning on-model images a breeze. Follow these simple steps to create instant fashion imagery in seconds

Upload and Position

Upload your apparel photo. Then Zoom (scroll) and pan to adjust the position of your clothing on the canvas e.g. is it for closeup or full body shot.

Describe Clothing and Model

Add a prompt describing the clothing and the type of model you envision wearing it. This helps tailor the final image to your specific needs.


Click 'Generate' to create your on-model image. If necessary, adjust the clothing position and hit β€˜Generate’ again for fine-tuning

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pincel AI Apparel Photoshoot Maker?

Pincel AI is an AI-powered tool that turns standard apparel photos into professional on-model images using generative AI technology.

How does it work?

Instead of training an AI model, we use a technique that preserves your input image and creates a photo around it. This ensures the details of your clothing item are kept. Upload a high contrast photo of your item and describe who is wearing it.

What kind of clothing items are supported?

Generally there are no limits. You can use a t-shirt, shoes, pants, dress or anything you need. However it's important to describe the photo with a prompt, so AI can understand what the item is and who is wearing it. Complex clothing items might need many more renders to create satisifying results.

How does Pincel AI benefit my business?

Pincel AI saves time and reduces costs by eliminating the need for traditional model photoshoots. It offers instant, high-quality on-model images, enhancing your clothing line presentation.

Is Pincel AI easy to use?

Absolutely! Pincel AI is user-friendly, allowing quick upload of product shots and receiving model images without complex processes. Edit the garment placement on the photo by moving and panning on the canvas.

Can I customize my images further by Pincel AI?

Yes, Pincel AI also offers tools for cleaning photos, removing unwanted items, upscaling, or replacing elements using an AI image editor.

Does the quality of my images affect the final result?

Yes, for optimal results, upload photos with at least 800-1000px in size. Images under 752px might become too pixelated or blurry.

How many images can I create?

There are no limits on the number of images you can render.

What is the size of the image output?

The current output resolution is 512x768px. All photos can be doubled in size using Pincel AI's upscaler.

The outcome is not as expected. What can I do?

Try using another photo or an image already nicely cut out from the background. The prompt is crucial; experiment with various styles and multiple renders.

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